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Welcome to Amy's Animals

Amy’s Animals is a canine and feline holistic health food store located in Sussex County, New Jersey.  We are dedicated to educating the community on the very best nutritional foods and treats available for maintaining optimal pet health.

We have the knowledge and integrity of only offer the best dog and cat food, treats, and toys available. With over 20 years of experience, we offer sound nutritional advice for promoting the overall wellness of your pet, as well as a variety of conditions such as skin allergies, cancer, yeast conditions, urinary tract disease, diabetes, and seizure disorders.

Amy's AnimalsAmy's AnimalsAmy's Animals

Healthy Choices for Your Dog!

We offer many different types of Diets to choose from including raw frozen, Dehydrated, freeze dried, canned or kibble. We’ll help you choose what is right for your dog. Choose a diet that not only is healthy for your dog but also fits your lifestyle. Price and convenience are also factors to consider. Choose the best diet that you can afford.

Amy's Animals
Healthy Choices for Your Cat!

Even the most finicky cat will be happy with the choices We offer. Weather frozen, freeze dried, canned or Kibble, we will help you find the best diet for your cat. Keep in mind the moisture content as well as protein, fat and fiber. Choose a diet that not only is healthy for your cat but also fits your lifestyle. Price and convenience are also factors to consider. Choose the best diet that you can afford.

Amy's Animals

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The Honest Kitchen

If you’re looking for a high quality food to feed your dog or cat, look no further than The Honest Kitchen.  This is a home cooked meal in a box! Just add water, stir, let sit 3min and serve! Your pets will love it!


Dastardly Doggy Breath
There’s nothing worse than bending down for doggie kisses and instead getting a faceful of stinky breath! What ever happened to that sweet clean breath and those pearly white teeth?  That nasty smell can be an indicator of an underlying health problem,  loose teeth or the build up of plaque and tarter.   There are some […]
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Canine Vaccinations..Debunking the Myths, Reporting the Facts
One of the most misunderstood subjects in the world of dog ownership has to be that of vaccinations. Most pet owners rely on their veterinarians to provide the information needed to make the correct decision in regards to this very important subject. Unfortunately, according to immunology expert Dr. Ronald Shultz DVM, veterinary students are not […]
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Hacking up Hairballs
  One of the most common complaints I hear from cat owners is that their cat is constantly throwing up.  It is so common that  ” hacking up a hairball”  has become a known euphemism.  There are many reasons why some cats vomit on a regular basis. There are some medical conditions that cause nausea […]
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Although I am not a veterinarian, I have had the opportunity to gather the knowledge of literally thousand of dog's and cat's medical conditions and treatments over the last 20 years.
The information I share and the recommendations I make are not intended to be a replacement for good veterinary care, but a compliment to good veterinary care.