Give the CAT a Bone!

Over the years I have had the pleasure of being the guardian of many, many cats. Each of them had a different personality and each of them brought different types of pleasure and knowledge to my life.  My latest kitty, Pollywog, has proven to be the most “doglike” of all my cats.  It might be because, perhaps, that she was raised by my little canine pack of one boxer, Clyde, and my three Chihuahuas, Ollie, Ernie and Tyler.  One of the things I noticed right away with Pollywog was that she was a voracious chewer.  She has done more damage to my home than all of my dogs combined!  Whenever she gets the chance to chew on something, she is particularly fond of baskets or anything wicker like, she goes full bore!  Before I can even figure out where the sound is coming from she has already gotten part of the thing pulled apart and chewed!

One night I was preparing to give the dogs their beef rib bones when Pollywog ran over to see what they all had.  I let her smell the bone and to my surprise she started licking and chewing it!  I went and got one for her and, to my surprise, all four dogs and Pollywog were cont
ently chewing on their bones together.  Now, every time Pollywog even hears me say “bone” she is the first one in line to get hers.  It never occurred to me before that cats need to chew harder things sometimes to satisfy them, not only physically, as chewing makes for strong teeth and gums, but mentally as well.  Chewing satisfies the animals need to feel that they have fully consumed their “kill”.

We tend to forget that these tiny people in cats clothing are actually little lions that live in our houses.  If they are allowed to hunt, they consume the entire animal, bones and all!  When choosing a bone for your cat, try some different types to see what your kitty likes the best.  I have found that tendons and weasands, otherwise known as beef “taffy” are Pollywogs favorites.  She actually gets done with hers before the boys are done with theirs! She usually begs for another one too!  The main thing I noticed though, since she has been chewing bones regularly, is that she is much more content and definitely chews inappropriate things a lot less. So wether your kitty is a youngster or a more mature feline, try to change up the old boring routine by giving your cat a bone!

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