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"Amy & Rich are so devoted to the health & well-being of animals. Amy's knowledge about proper nutrition have been spot on for my animals! My 11 year old Golden acts like a pup since we switched her to grain free at Amy's suggestion. If you love your pets, I urge you to go to Amy for a consult. You won't regret it!" ...  Patty

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  1. My dog is always itching and licking his paws. What could be the cause of this? There are many reasons why a dog itches. If parasites such as fleas have been ruled out, some of the other causes are a thyroid condition, a yeast condition, food intolorances, or vaccinosis. By evaluating your dog’s diet and lifestyle, the root cause can usually be determined and needed changes can then be addressed.

  2. The vet said my dog is overweight. Is there a low fat food that really works? There are low fat dog foods on the market that do work if they are used in conjunction with a change in lifestyle. In many cases, it is the amount of extra calories the dog is consuming by treating too often that is the cause. There are alternative diets that work extremely well in helping your dog shed his excess weight.

  3. My dog has just been diagnosed with cancer. What should I be feeding him now? One of the most important parts of treating cancer is to make sure the immune system is as healthy as it can be. The diet needs to be changed to allow the immune system to strengthen. Eliminating processed foods is the first step in this process.


  1. My cat is always throwing up. Do you have anything that can help? One of the first steps is to change the cat’s diet to one that more closely resembles the cat’s natural diet. Many times, the reason the cat is vomiting is because there are too many carbohydrates and fillers in the food.

  2. My cat has frequent bouts of diarrhea. What could be the cause of this? There are a few reasons why cats get loose stool. Parasites, Irritable Bowel disease, stress or even just a poor quality diet are all individual causes. This is a fairly common problem that can be easily healed with a few changes in diet and lifestyle.

  3. My cat has been diagnosed with the beginning of kidney disease. Is there anything I can do to prevent it from becoming worse? The first step is to take the cat off all dry processed food. One of the keys to preventing kidney disease is to provide the cat with enough moisture to keep the cat as hydrated as possible. There are alternative diets that work great for preventing kidney disease.

Amy's AnimalsAmy's AnimalsAmy's Animals

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Although I am not a veterinarian, I have had the opportunity to gather the knowledge of literally thousand of dog's and cat's medical conditions and treatments over the last 20 years.
The information I share and the recommendations I make are not intended to be a replacement for good veterinary care, but a compliment to good veterinary care.