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"Amy's is wonderful. Amy & Rich are always helpful and friendly. Amy's nutrition recommendation for my cat of a grain-free diet allowed me to control his diabetes without shots. She also helped our Akita with a skin condition. If you want the best for your pet, this is the place to go!" ....Cynthia

Amy's AnimalsAmy's AnimalsAmy's Animals

As much as you don’t want to admit it, your cat really isn’t a little person in a fuzzy suit. Your cat is really a little lion stalking around your living room.  Cats have been domesticated for thousands of years but that domestication has not changed their dietary needs at all. They are true obligate carnivores. This means that they are meant to only eat meat. They have no need for carbohydrates at all. Their natural diet consists of hunted prey animals. The prey animal has the perfect balance of protein, fat, fiber and nutrients the cat needs to thrive.  It also has the moisture the cat needs to properly digest the meal. Of course, this prey animal is consumed raw. The cat does not cook the meat before he consumes it!  Cats were originally desert dwelling animals and have never developed a natural instinct to drink much water. Their hydration needs are satisfied by the moisture in their diet.

In their natural state, they kept their teeth clean by chewing on the bones of their prey. The high meat protein diet keeps their stomach very acidic. This acidity helps to break down any hair that is ingested when the cat grooms itself, there by naturally preventing hairballs. It also keeps their teeth very healthy.  In their natural state, a cat will fill its stomach when food is present. They are not meant to graze. Their body benefits from having the opportunity to fast in between meals. This allows their body to use its energy for other areas besides digestion.

Choosing the Best Diet
Now that you know what the natural diet is for the cat, you can choose a diet that most closely resembles it. Keep in mind the moisture content as well as protein, fat and fiber. Choose a diet that not only is healthy for your cat but also fits your lifestyle. Price and convenience are also factors to consider. Choose the best diet that you can afford.
There are many diets to choose from. The following is a list of choices in order of closest to the natural diet to furthest from the naturalCat diet.

  1. Raw meat diet- Commercial raw frozen diets are an excellent choice because they are already prepared, all inclusive and easy to feed. (Rad Cat Raw, Natures Variety, Natures Logic, & Bravo! are excellent choices.)

  2. Dehydrated Raw or Freeze Dried Raw- When re-hydrated these offer all the benefits of raw but have shelf stability for those that do not have freezer space.(Primal, Vital Essentials Natures Variety, & The Honest Kitchen offer this convenience.)

  3. Canned Diets-These are a complete diet with moisture included, but are cooked.  Choose only grain free varieties.(Almo Nature, Natures Variety, Wellness, Petite Cuisine, Tiki Cat & Weruva are high quality cans.)

  4. Kibble Dry Diets- These should also be grain free. Since they are cooked at high temperatures, contain some carbohydrates & do not have moisture, these should be your last consideration. (If you do choose these, there are some great brands available such as: Farmina N & D, Natures Variety, Fromm,  Orijen,  Acana & Annamaet.)

By feeding your cat a diet that more closely resembles the diet the animal has evolved to eat, you will not only keep your cat healthier but will also add years to your cats life.  They can’t shop for themselves, so it is your job to read all the labels and choose your cats diet wisely!

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Although I am not a veterinarian, I have had the opportunity to gather the knowledge of literally thousand of dog's and cat's medical conditions and treatments over the last 20 years.
The information I share and the recommendations I make are not intended to be a replacement for good veterinary care, but a compliment to good veterinary care.